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Kenyan  £34.50 per case   Viennese £34.50 per case

Espresso Beans:

Fairtrade Espresso Beans

Brazilian Coffee

Brazilian 45 x 50g

£ 34.50

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Another Great Coffee from the CoffeeZup range

Brazilian Filter Coffee recipe

Add some Latin American pzazz to your coffee - try the following “Latin Carnival” recipe?  Simple to make - just like the Baristas make......

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Brazil is one of the largest coffee producers in the world with a range of great tasting coffees which have been among the most popular in the UK for decades. Our selection of Brazilian coffee is full of flavour without the bitterness some other coffees have. Brazilian beans are often used espresso blends, due to the low acidity, strong flavor and excellent value for money.  

Brazilian coffee has become increasingly popular and many Brazilian coffee blends. are now found on every coffee aisle, in most coffee shops and represent the most common type of coffee bought in the UK.

However, Brazilian coffee has more recently been popular in the specialty coffee market due to its high quality and widely enjoyed taste.



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