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Miko-nene sources coffee beans from around the world to deliver to you the perfect cup of coffee every time. Choose from our most popular blends - great value for money!

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Coffee Recipes - the Taste of Summer

Let miko-nene.com show you how to deliver exciting new tastes this Summer - the easy way. Baristas the world over know the secret to great tasting flavoured coffee - Sweetbird Syrups

Here are some of our favourite Summer Coffee recipes. Find more recipes here

White Chocolate Espresso Truffle

In a 8oz cup combine 1 shot of White Chocolate Syrup and 1 shot of espresso.  Blend well.  Leave to cool for one minute.  Fill cup ¾ full with whipped cream. Whip ingredients together until thick and fluffy. Top with whipped cream and drizzle with raspberry syrup.

Blueberry Latté - In a 12oz cup combine 1 shot of Blueberry Syrup with a double espresso and steamed milk of choice.  Blend. Top with whipped cream.

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