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Non-Alcoholic Coffee Drinks

Making Non-Alcoholic Special Coffee Recipes with Sweetbird Syrups could not be easier.  Brew some fresh good quality coffee, cappuccino or latte and add one or more shots of the syrup of your choice:




Cane Sugar


Caramel Fudge


Chocolate Mint



English Toffee

French Vanilla



Irish Cream


Toasted Marshmallow


White Chocolate

All of these flavours work equally well in delicious Milkshakes.  Try one of our Milkshake recipes...

Sweetbird syrup

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Coffee Recipes - Special Flavoured Coffee the easy way with Sweetbird Syrups

Alcoholic Coffee Drinks

Irish Coffee, Calypso coffee, or any other choice can be enhanced by adding a shot or two of the relevant Sweetbird Syrup.  Or, if you are feeling more creative, why not combine flavours to build an entirely new coffee recipe of your own?

The syrups work well with Fresh filter coffee, cappuccino and Lattes.  

Tips for creating Coffee Floaters:

See our Special Coffee Recipe Menu.....

Sweetbird syrups are a bit special, they're the only ones to be approved by the Vegetarian Society, and they have no GMOs or artificial flavourings and colourings. Let them inspire you to try something new...

Sweetbird syrups will provide a depth of flavour for alcoholic or non-alcoholic special coffees.  For alcoholic coffee, just add the same Sweetbird Syrup as the alcohol you have chosen or add a complementary flavour.  The choice is yours!

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