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Belvoir Farm - Organic Fruit Presses

Elegantly Simple Drinks Made With Fruits, Flowers and Spring Water at Belvoir Farm in Lincolnshire

Elderflower Presses

An exquisitely scented blend of freshly picked elderflowers, fresh lemon juice and sparkling water from the Belvoir springs

Cranberry Presses

A beautiful, deep red pressé that's packed with lots and lots of real cranberries, pressed and blended with bubbling Belvoir spring water.

Raspberry Lemonade

Made using real raspberry juice blended with real lemon juice and lightly sparkling Belvoir spring water it has a soft yet zingy taste.

Organic Lemonade

A classic summer's days reviver. Traditional, home-made lemonade packed with whole organic lemons for a real zingy flavour

Organic Ginger Beer

Handfuls of fresh organic ginger root and whole lemons give this deliciously refreshing ginger beer a memorable, fiery punch

Miko Coffee Nene stocks these flavours in 25cl glass bottles case = 24 x 25cl).  Given the weight and breakable nature of this product, Miko will deliver direct to customers in the Peterborough and Northamptonshire areas. Price per case =  £18.25 + VAT. Please call to arrange purchase and delivery - 01733 371484

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