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Plumbed-in Coolers

The Plumbed-in units are similar to the Bottled Water models but are connected to your mains water supply. They are also equipped with a high-tech ceramic and activated carbon filter to remove any impurities in the water supply (down to half a micron) and eliminates the taste of chlorine and other elements that often taint the taste of tap water.

The comprehensive rental option Includes all repairs and maintenance, including sanitisation and the regular replacement of the water filter.

The Crystal Mountain Hot & Cold model is a robust stylish cooler tried an tested over the last 15 years.

Miko provides a range of plastic cups for every situation - cool blue cups for cold water use or sturdy white cups for hot drinks (either plastic or paper hot cups).  Buy Cups online today....

Hot drinks - why not get a supply of In-Cup hot drinks for your Hot Water unit.  

Buy In-Cup drinks online today......

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