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Water Coolers - Service & Sanitisation

Water bottle stands.

 If space is a problem in your office, Miko can provide a range of bottle stands to keep your water supply safely staked away.

Miko has built a solid business in Peterborough and Northamptonshire by offering not only excellent coolers and top quality water, but also outstanding service.  

Delivery - Miko has an advantage over many larger national companies, because we are local and because we care.  Miko can deliver water on a regular basis to meet your requirements or you can place your order for delivery next day.  Deliveries are free of charge.

Sanitisation - The Rental cost includes a scheduled programme of cooler hygiene and sanitisation.  Miko uses industry standard products and procedures.  The advantage of the Crystal Mountain cooler range is that all parts coming into contact with water can be exchanged for new sanitised parts.  This improves efficiency and reduces the time our operators would need to spend in your premises.

For Plumbed-in models, the regular replacement of the water filter is also included in the rental costs.

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