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General Tips - Coffee Recipes:

Guideline Steaming Temperatures

Terms for Heating and Steaming Milk

Sweetbird Coffee & Milkshake Syrup

Fun Toppings and Garnishes

Measurements for Coffee Recipes

Measuring does not need to be difficult or exact. Make sure you try the recipes before unloading them onto your poor unsuspecting customers!

The 12oz cup is the most popular size and once you learn to add flavours to this size, it will then be easy to adjust the syrup amounts to other size cups.

Most of the syrup combinations are based on a total of 1 ounce (2 shots) of flavour to a 12 oz espresso drink.

Remember, tastes vary so at times you may need to adjust the amount of syrup used.

Basic Measurement Guidelines:

8oz cup   - 1/2oz syrup (1 shot)

12oz cup - 1oz syrup (2 shots)

16oz cup - 1 1/2oz Syrup (3 shots)

Use Sweetbird Syrups - great flavours + approved by the Vegetarian Society.. Great taste - easy to use.  BUY ONLINE

To give recipes an alcoholic kick, just add a shot of:

Coconut   =     Malibu        

Cherry     = Cherry Brandy  

Irish Cream = Baileys

Amaretto = Disarronno

Hazelnut = Frangelico

Gingerbread = Drambuie

Rasberry - Creme de                  Cassis

Why not experiment with your own ideas. Fruit Liquer adds depth to a fruit based coffee. For a hint of orange, try Cointreau/Grand Marnier.  Dark Rum is always a heart warmer. Oh, and Irish Whiskey is a must for proper  Irish Coffee!

Alcoholic Special Coffees

Sweetbird Coffee & Milkshake Syrup

Tips for making great Coffee

How to Steam milks for fluffy, long-lasting foam

Learn the Barista’s secret for Flavoured Coffee -the easy way!

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