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Vending Ingredients

Miko-nene.com has a carefully selected range of vending ingredients to ensure a top quality hot drink from your vending machine.  Why pay for a sophisticated machine and then use inferior quality products?  Try the Miko selection of products - you will not be disappointed - and neither will your customers!

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Premium Vending Coffee (10 x 300g)

£ 69.95

Cappuccino Topping (10 x 750g)

£ 49.95

Classic Vending Chocolate (10 x 1kg)

£ 49.50

Superior Vending Ingredients -  Buy online today

Buy 3 cases or more and save!

Buy 3 cases  Premium Coffee - £68.00 each

Buy 3 cases Cappuccino Topping - £47.00 each

Buy 3 cases Classic Chocolate - £47.00 each


Free delivery on orders over £56

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