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Floor Standing or Counter top?

The floor-standing model is the most popular, even in the home, as it has a footprint about as big as a waste paper basket.  A counter top model will take up valuable workspace and don’t forget you will need to leave enough headroom to get the bottle on and off the machine!

Chilled & Cold or Hot & Cold?

Crystal Mountain coolers are available in Chilled & Cold or Hot & Cold models.  The Hot & Cold models provide a supply of boiling water, ideal for small offices.  Do away with your kettle today....safer, easier. Oh, and better quality.

Miko is based in Peterborough and is growing through word of mouth recommendation because of a fast, flexible service and outstanding value for money.

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miko-nene is a Peterborough - based

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How much water should you drink each day...and why?  

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